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"I am the type to turn inward. For me the problems are in their most vivid form. The release created by these crushing extremes does not always remain in the physical realm. This force leads to the path of spirituality and mysticism, but certain desires to know and the drive for experience pulls one back to the earth. This struggle between opposites is reflected in my paintings.
My paintings – from a certain point of view – are inner sounding music. My feelings and thoughts are reflections of allegorical pictures. I’d like my art to help others gain self-realisation, so that they can observe themselves as they are in reality. This could help, for deeper thinking and create a desire for higher existence." Kalman Maklary


Painting - although it has its own broad and trodden tracks - to me is a mission of the narrow path.Old times are changing to give way to the new.The old way of the artistic expression has served its time,and by now is over.Modern art is only beginning now,and it is being built on entirely new foundations inspired by the intellect.It is the duty of the artist to give expression to such aspect of the world which otherwise can only be found in cosmic consciousness. Kalman Maklary